The Intention

Happiness does not manifest from what we get, but instead from what we give.

At Whole & Happy Retreat we believe in sustainable choices that produce an infinite bounty of food, energy and love for everyone.

Join us for a one-week abundant eco-conscious retreat that promotes self-inquiry, self-empowerment and self-love through yoga, meditation, nature, and giving back. Enjoy locally sourced farm-to-table vegetarian meals, get lost in acres of lush rainforest, meditate alongside pristine waterfalls and immerse yourself in a unique community of inspiring people who rise by lifting those around them up.

It makes no difference whether you’ve had a yoga practice for years, or if you’ve never heard of a downward facing dog; if you’re a human-being looking to expand your life in all directions, and give back to the world around you, we welcome you to join us. At Whole & Happy, we believe the secret to having it all is realizing that you already do.

The Location

The location is Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity  located in the Thai rainforest of Paksong, near to Ranong. The resort is established to support the Thai Child Development Foundation. 100% of resort profits go to the projects of the Foundation, and an integral part of the retreat is spending time with the children and the Thai people, learning and playing together. By coming on retreat, you are contributing to a better life for these children and creating a cycle of good karma for yourself and others. Read more about Eco-Logic’s practices of sufficiency and sustainability within the tourism industry.

The Accommodation

Riverside Bungalow (Shared or Single)

Each with a beautiful garden, access to the river, a number of sitting areas and gardens with campfire places. Every bungalow has a big porch, with a beautiful decorated bench. The bungalows are situated on the foot of the mountain and are all very close to the river. From your bungalow it is easy to get to the riverside. The bungalow has a bed- annex living room with a double bed, a cupboard with Chinese doors, a desk, a fridge, a coffee corner and a small sitting area. The bathroom has a hot water shower, a Thai style shower (water from a well), a small sink and a Western toilet.The bathroom is beautifully decorated, as is everything in the bungalow. You will find stone decorations on the outside of the house, murals in the bed- and bathroom, and wooden decorations on the wall. The cupboards, furniture and chairs are made from wood by local craftsmen.

Riverside Room (Shared or Single)

Each room has a bed- annex living room with a double bed, a single bed, a cupboard with Chinese doors, and a desk. Each room has a private bathroom. The bathroom is situated in a small private garden and has a hot water shower, a Western toilet and a Thai style shower. There is a small sink. The rooms are situated on the foot of the mountain and are all very close to the river. From your room there is access to the river, and a view of both river and rainforest.

The Cuisine

On retreat we eat three meals daily, buffet style – a hearty post-yoga breakfast, a nourishing midday meal and an evening family dinner, all in the dining room at the heart of Eco-Logic Resort. All ingredients are sourced from the Eco-Logic organic gardens and farms, or from local suppliers. Fresh eggs, homegrown vegetables, thai curries, noodles, soups, stirfries and more vegetables than you know what to do with! All day long there is herbal tea and fruit available – but don’t worry, you won’t go hungry.

We can accommodate any dietary requirements with advance notice.

The Yoga

Yay for yoga! We will practice yoga twice daily on retreat. The morning practices last for approximately 90 minutes and are a more dynamic, active practice, focussing on vinyasa and hatha styles. The evening practices are more restorative, gentle sessions incorporating longer holds, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. We make sure each class is accessible to beginners. We aim to teach to the middle line and offer adjustments/modifications for people new to yoga or people who have been practicing for some time and would like a little challenge. It doesn’t matter if you think you aren’t flexible or strong enough – this yoga is for everybody, and every body. We will also do some additional yoga classes and meditation with the students of the EcoLogic School – which is a wonderful cultural exchange, very heartwarming, and shows us the true power of meditation in children.

The Transformation

We believe in good karma. This retreat is all about surrounding yourself with good people, eating good food that comes from a good place, practicing kindness on and off the mat, giving to the environment and the local Thai community, and at the same time giving to yourself. And through doing so, you transform. Each day on retreat we offer a theme and a journal prompt in alignment with that theme to dig a little deeper into your yoga practice, on and off the mat. (We provide you with a beautiful journal on arrival). The daily theme aligns with that days activity, and provides a structure for your transformation and growth throughout the retreat.

Surrender – Gratitude – Playfulness & Creativity – Connection – Self Love (A Day of Silence) – Renewal  


Some days incorporate activities and excursions, and some days are left open as time for reflection, reading, writing, resting and relaxing. The following is the schedule on one of our more action-packed days!


A Day on Whole & Happy Karma Retreat : Gratitude

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

7am: Rise and Shine Heart-Opening Yoga Practice, Journaling

9am: Family Breakfast

10am: Tree planting with Thai Child Development Foundation school

12.30pm: Lunchtime

2pm: Trip to Natural Hotsprings and Buddhist Temple

5pm: Restorative Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

7pm: Family Dinner

8.30pm Bonfire & Live Music with TCDF band

Booking ended