Whole & Happy was founded by two yoga teachers from opposite sides of the world who longed to create the kind of yoga retreat that their fellow yogis, outdoorsy brothers, and wine-loving non-yogi best friends would all want to go on. A retreat designed for open-minded men and women of every age who recognise the value of investing in themselves in order to contribute positively to this world.

In early 2016, co-founder Rosie stumbled upon a beautiful eco-resort off the beaten path in Thailand, nestled between the forest and the sea. She arrived with a head full of worry and a heart full of uncertainty, however, just a few weeks surrounded by nature, kind-hearted people, rest, movement, nourishing food, and fresh sea air allowed her to achieve an internal peace. She spent her days cycling alongside coastal pathways, practicing yoga to the sound of exotic birds beside the tranquil infinity pool, and laughing with locals as she learned the ins-and-outs of organic peanut farming. She experienced an indescribable feeling of coming home, returning joyfully to her whole and happiest place. It was from this feeling of complete trust and acceptance, and upon these resort grounds, that the first Whole & Happy Retreat was hosted, a fun-loving yet powerful retreat focussed on the balance between practice and playfulness, the wonder of nature, and yoga for the soul – not just for the body.

Within one week of retreat, the thoughts, appearance, and intentions of each guest transformed. These positive changes were based on three pillars of the Whole & Happy experience, retreat, inspiration, and connection. It’s within the act of physically retreating that one allows themselves to be seen more clearly, stepping outside of the normalities of a routine life, defying comfort zones, and removing distractions. From this authentic place, one can begin to connect and seek inspiration from nature, from the people around them, and from within. Identifying core values and what exactly it is that makes each of our hearts the most fulfilled, is the place we find our whole and happiest selves and begin to cultivate a life that enriches and inspires others.

In witnessing the transformative power of retreat, Rosie and Natasha committed to the delivery of their program internationally, partnering with eco-conscious resorts, distributors and manufacturers in Thailand and Portugal who share their same deep-seeded love for the planet.




Teacher and host Rosie is a cheeky kiwi, born and raised.  She has spent the past five years working in Europe and Southeast Asia on world-renowned yoga, wellness and adventure retreats.

On her travels she has discovered how yoga, meditation, good food, the outdoors and a healthy balance in life is her key to happiness, which led to the creation of Whole & Happy Retreat.

Rosie completed her initial 200-hour Hatha teacher training in a peaceful white-washed village in Spain.  She met Natasha in Cambodia where they both taught on Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat and a beautiful, collaborative friendship was born. She has spent the past 4 years travelling, teaching yoga, and practicing Thai Yoga Massage in SE Asia, Europe and her hometown of Nelson, NZ.

Rosie teaches an intuitive style of yoga with a strong focus on the breath and awareness, so that each practice becomes a meditation in motion. Her personal practice is based on building harmony between all the little parts of herself through a balance of energising and restorative practices. She believes that wellbeing comes in many shapes and forms; its not only what you eat and how you move your body; it encompasses your thoughts, your relationships, your values, what you put out into the world and what you receive in return.

Having seen in herself the transformative powers of the practice, she believes yoga can bring a little more sunshine into everyone’s lives. She can’t wait to have some good chats and belly laughs with you on retreat.

Find out more on her website, follow her blog or connect with her on Facebook.




Natasha is a small-town Canadian girl with a deep-seeded heart for adventure. She currently resides in Southeast Asia where she balances her time between instructing yoga, writing, biking and exploring the magnificently rich and vibrant culture of the East. She transformed her passion for yoga and meditation into a career in 2015; completing more than 500 hours of training in both Nepal and India with advanced education in Yoga as therapy for systemic disease. 

Natasha has been fortunate enough to share her teachings at five-star resorts and retreat centres around the globe; allowing her to gain boundless experience in her field and introducing her to a plethora of incredibly special people. In 2016, while working as a yoga instructor and retreat host at the infamous Hariharalaya Retreat Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Natasha was introduced to Rosie. For months the girls worked and lived alongside each other, developing a sister-like bond and dreaming about a future filled with yoga, happy hour cocktails, and beautiful sunsets! In November 2016, Whole & Happy was born and has since become an international venture with retreat locations in Asia and Europe.

Natasha believes in a yoga that is more than standing on ones’ head or being able to touch fingers to toes. She feels that the true power of yoga lies in the ability of this practice to unify – cultivating a deep connection with nature, with other humans, with animals and  (perhaps most importantly) with oneself. You can read more about Natasha and her journey over on her blog.