Whole & Happy Retreat

Discover Your Happy Place

Discover Your Happy Place

Whole & Happy is a transformational retreat company founded by us, two girls from opposite sides of the world with a deep-seeded love for yoga and the good things in life. We wanted to create a retreat that travels the world, seeking out eco-conscious partnerships with resorts in exotic locations off the beaten track, that our guests can feel good about supporting. We create retreats for people who believe there is more to life than the 9-5, and who are curious about the big wide world and everything in it. Who are seeking the best possible life for themselves, and believe they are worthy of it.

We believe a yoga retreat should both be a glorious departure from “normal life”, and a discovery of how to return to that life and approach it differently – with a brighter perspective.

Leading a full, balanced life doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, we believe we are much more interesting humans when we learn to balance days of creation with days of absorption. Moments of introspection with moments of extroversion. Times of great effort, with times of complete surrender.

Combining yoga, meditation, nature, environmental awareness, adventure, silence, reflection, wholesome farm-to-table meals, good company,  uncontrollable laughter and beers on the beach; Whole & Happy Retreats incorporate all the key components for a happier life, in tune with your passion and purpose.

Join us on our next retreat in Thailand or Portugal, and discover your happy place.

Rosie & Natasha x