Give Back


We are proud members of Responsible Travel, and environmental, economic and social responsibility is at the core of our values as a business, and impacts all of the decisions we make.

We partner with eco-conscious organisations who share our belief that by giving back to the local culture and to the environment, we can experience a deeper internal transformation. We believe that happiness does not manifest from what we get, but rather from what we give. We believe in sustainable choices that provide a bounty of food, energy and love for everyone involved – guests, hosts, local suppliers, staff.


We partner with resorts that have their own water sources and therefore do not need to use plastic water bottles.

We encourage our guests in pre-arrival information to bring a reusable water bottle so there is no wastage, championing a plastic-free policy.

We provide bamboo straws to our guests in Southeast Asia in their welcome bags so there is no usage of plastic straws.

We source food and drink from local markets and suppliers so as to minimise import/export emissions and support local farmers.

We use fans to minimise air-conditioning energy, and when the resort does have air conditioning we ask guests to be conscious about their use and turn off when they leave the room.

We use LCD Lamps and energy efficient lighting wherever possible.

Use of solar energy.

We encourage shared transport for guests, and we use bicycles where possible on retreats.

We encourage karma yoga on retreats by providing pickup bags, gloves, and doing an organised beach “rubbish pickup” to clear local beaches of plastic and rubble.


We partner with resorts that give back to local communities and employ local. The resorts employ local people providing stable long term work for Thai people in the area with a fair salary. 

We arrange tours with local guides.

Food, beverages and supplies are where possible sought from local markets rather than big chain supermarkets of importers, if they cannot be provided from the resort’s own organic farm/gardens.


We visit local temples with local guides to educate our guests about local culture, Buddhism and the lifestyle for the local people.

We encourage guests to get involved in local festivals and activities as a cultural immersion.

We run Thai Culture, cooking and language courses on retreat to help guests understand the local culture and language better.

We organise a picnic/bonfire/live music night during retreat with staff of the resorts.



Ecologic Resort for Charity

Eco-Logic donates 100% of profits to the Thai Child Development Foundation and their onsite school, which educates local children with learning difficulties and trains them in occupations that they are well suited to, so that in the future they are able to support themselves and live a sustainable life.

We practice yoga and meditation with the children of the school, and encourage interaction and understanding between cultures. They run a community learning centre to share permaculture workshops, playhouse building, occupational training and abundance workshops.

Our resorts use any food waste to feed the chickens and at Eco-Logic, this is used to produce bio-gas.

Eco-Logic sells their recyclable waste to a local recycling business.

Eco-Logic runs a wastewater treatment system where bacteria reduces the waste and water overflows to the second and third tank. This water is used for watering and maintenance of organic gardens onsite.

On our Karma retreat our guests plant trees with the children of the Thai Child Development Foundation encouraging reforestation and education of youths about the importance of environment.

The Thai Child Development Foundation is supported by Eco-Logic Resort for Charity – by joining a Karma retreat here, our guests are simultaneously donating to the TCDF school.

Faasai Resort & Spa

Faasai has a carbon sink of more than 1000 aloeswood trees and are protecting a local wetlands White Water Lake for wildlife habitat where our guests can enjoy bird watching, nature walks and permaculture. Faasai Resort is growing an integrated organic edible forest garden both at the resort and the lake in response to global crises such as food shortages, fuel and water shortage, climate change and financial instability (by following sufficiency economy practices).

It integrates food production and water resources into the resort, provides local, healthy food for our guests on retreat, and also the staff and family of staff, it builds on cultural traditions of Asia, increases biodiversity, provides a model for Thai neighbours that organic techniques are a practical alternative to pesticides and herbicides, provides inspiration, recreation and education to our guests and is sustainable for the future, as the ecological balance Faasai is creating will minimize and offset carbon emissions, cool the local atmosphere, attract and retain water for the local aquifers, and build healthy soils for future food production. Faasai was a runner-up in the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards, and upholds values that align with our Whole & Happy ethos. You can see the video from Wild Asia’s visit to Faasai here: