Yoga at Home: Resource List

At the end of every retreat we get a lot of people asking how they can maintain their yoga practice back home when they don’t have us there to guide them through a sequence. They want to practice, but they don’t know where to start. We made a list of meditation resources for you a while back, and now we’re doing the same for yoga. Ideally, you could sit down with your favourite teacher and create an individualised lesson plan that fits you personally, but we don’t all have that option. And we can’t always make it to a class when we want to, so the next best thing is finding an online resource that resonates with you.

We’ve made a list of our favourite online yoga classes/ resources that we recommend to our students when we can’t be there to teach them ourselves! We recommend trying out some different ones until you find what suits you and your needs.

All you need is a yoga mat, some kind of streaming device and the willingness to carve out some time in your day for YOU!


Yoga with Adriene: A YouTube Channel with free classes and ongoing challenges. Choose your length and style, and no financial commitment needed!

Yogaglo: Yoga & Meditation, approximately $18/month subscription (but they offer a free trial so you can see whether it works for you!)

Cody: Online Yoga & Fitness classes, they offer a 7-day free trial.

Yogaia: Live & Interactive Online Yoga Classes

Do Yoga With Me: Online Yoga Classes with a variety of different teachers: free or paid subscriptions offered.

Yoga By Candace: YouTube Channel with free classes and challenges.

Yoga International: A fave of Rosie’s for online classes when she’s working in places where she can’t get to a yoga class! A monthly subscription gets you access to lots of articles about anatomy and yoga philosophy, plus classes with some of the best teachers internationally, and different challenges or workshops. Worth the investment if you have been practicing for a little while and looking to deepen your knowledge.

Yoga Journal: Classes and articles on yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy and all things yoga!

This list should get you started on your home yoga journey, and in the future we hope to be offering you online classes and challenges through Whole & Happy, so you can take a little piece of your retreat home with you.

Love, Rosie & Tash


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