Balance Retreat: Is This The Magic I’m Looking For?

We get a little twinkle in our eyes when we talk about our Balance Retreat at Faasai Resort in Thailand, because it was the very first location for Whole & Happy Retreat and we hold it very close to our hearts.

Today we want to take some time to walk you through some of the concerns and reservations people usually have about investing in a retreat, so you can decide whether its the right choice for you. We know its a big thing for you, to put your faith in us and travel to a foreign country and commit to a week of yoga with a group of strangers. Let’s put your minds and hearts at ease.

What can I expect on a Balance Retreat?

Visualise yourself arriving in the evening into a peaceful, rural part of Thailand, untouched by tourism, and being welcomed by big smiles, fresh coconuts from the tree and local fruits, a gift package on your bed, and a group of people just like you, equally excited and unknowing as to what the week ahead holds. The space is lit up with warm lighting, you can hear the sounds of nature and the soothing lull of the ocean just over the hill. You fall asleep in your cosy bungalow and wake up in the morning to warm sunshine and stretching on your yoga mat, checking in with yourself after a long journey, everything looks bright and green and beautiful in the daylight, you jump in the pool after yoga and feel your body starting to soften and unwind. You slowly start to get to know your fellow retreaters through yoga practice, daily adventures and shared hearty meals. You reflect after your practices with your journal, each day shaped around a different theme and a different journal prompt, digging deeper into the work you do on the mat. You go on cycle rides, you picnic on the beach with your new family, you spend time in silence and reflection, you laugh so hard that it hurts,  you try new things and recognise old patterns, you grow stronger and more flexible, you make life-long friends, and day by day, you discover your happy place, a unique combination of all of the things that make you the happiest. There’s a twinkle in your eyes, your body feels strong and sunkissed, and you return home with a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life.

This retreat is for open-minded, soulful humans who are ready to live large.

What if I’ve never done yoga?

You don’t need to have any yoga experience to join a Whole & Happy Retreat. We welcome people from all walks of life who are seeking to get to know themselves, their spiritual and emotional body better. To state a cliche, “it’s not about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down”. Having two experienced yoga teachers means that there is always one person teaching and demonstrating during classes, and one person assisting and helping you throughout. We always offer modifications and variations on a more challenging pose, taking a break is always an option, and nothing is compulsory. Yoga is just one of the components of a Whole & Happy Retreat – depending on the location, we also incorporate daily journalling, periods of silence, dance parties, nature hikes, beach picnics, sunrise mindfulness practices, wine tasting, wholesome vegetarian food, we instil practices of gratitude daily, and we meet likeminded people who, just like us, want to be happy. And if you’ve never done yoga and the thought of a whole week of daily practices terrifies you – just think. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you’ll get the same results. If you try something a little different – who knows. It might just change your life…

How do I know if the yoga style is going to be my style? I’m not into all the hippie “woo-woo”…

Well, if you don’t know us as teachers, then it’s always hard to know whether you will resonate with us. But we offer a number of different styles of yoga and meditation throughout the week, so you can try different things and see what kind of yoga practice would suit you when you return home. If you know us as people, you’ll know we are all about not taking things too seriously, and this applies to our yoga practice as well. Our motto with all things spiritual is: take what resonates, and leave the rest. Things that will resonate with you may not resonate with others, and vice versa, but we promise to keep things accessible and grounded, and we promise not to dress in white robes and call ourselves “gurus”. Lets be real, if we wore white, we’d dribble red wine all over it.


I want to come, but it’s a big investment for me.

Think of it as just that – an investment in your health, your happiness and a future that you can get excited about. A wise woman once said: “make how you spend your money a prayer for what you want more of in your life.” We’ve crafted a retreat that creates space for you to dig deep into where you are in your life, what you need to let go of and what you need to bring in to make you Wholer and Happier.

We spend a long time sitting with the investment for our retreats, and this is the lowest we could make it while still being able to provide you with the comfort and quality of retreat that you deserve. If this pricing will not work with your budget, maybe this is not the right time for you. But, if what you are feeling is resistance, know this is normal. We (especially us women) have a hard time giving ourselves a break sometimes. We hustle, hustle, always propelling ourselves forward and living in our masculine energy as we try to find our place in this world. Whole & Happy Retreat opens up the space for you to be a little softer and kinder towards yourself and your needs. We invite you to dig deep and think about how hard you work, and what you work FOR. Spend some time in a quiet space and tune in to the inner voice that knows what is best for you. Follow the feeling.

“There is truly so much on offer, it’s all available to you just by being there. These two girls have a zest for life, an openness, an unrelenting love for the humans they cross paths with… It’s something I suggest you get a taste of. Their joy is contagious. Take some magic home from the retreat and share it with those you love. I did… And I’ve already been told 3 times (in 3 days, that’s pretty impressive!) that I’m “lighter” and “more alive”. Isn’t that what we all want?” – Alex, AUS

Ok, I’m in – What do I do now?

Woohoo! Can you hear our squeals of joy from where you are? Next steps:

  • Click here to reserve your space on retreat with us in 2018.
  • Choose your package (shared or private) and pay your $150 USD (5000THB) deposit via PayPal. Final payment is due on arrival at the retreat in cash or PayPal (5% fee). You can also choose to pay in full upfront.
  • Once we receive your deposit, we send you a full package including a breakdown of the schedule for the week, travel details, a list of things to bring, and more.
  • Put your party (yoga) pants on and get ready for a week of revelation and restoration!

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