Whole & Happy Challenge


So, yes, it’s that time, we’re going to talk about New Year’s intentions, I know I know, you’ve heard enough of them by now that you’re ready to go rogue and basically do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Eat more sugar! Stay up later! Cancel your yoga membership! Drink less water, more coffee! Write in your Ungrateful Journal daily!

But we’re proposing something a little different this year. Rather than tying yourself to a resolution that you pulled out of thin air after three Christmas mimosas, that will, inevitably, be long forgotten by mid-February…. or even worse, one that demands that you give up all of your most soul-sparking enjoyments and feel deprived for 365 days… lets get weird on these New Years Resolutions.

This year, we propose, MONTHLY resolutions! Much more manageable, and much more satisfying, because nobody wants to wait until next January to congratulate themselves. We are the first to admit that we love to pat ourselves on the back, quite regularly, and we’re very impatient, so monthly goals works quite well for us. Challenging ourselves to something for 30 days makes that month much more memorable and colourful, rather than one big blur of a year. Our confidence and self esteem soars when we realise that, OMG, we can achieve anything we set out to do!

Small changes are much more sustainable, more likely to last, if you choose to continue past a month, and also make you as a person more fascinating (as if that were possible). You become one of those people that is constantly growing, evolving, inspiring others. Come December, you’ll be a transformed wonder of a human, with such interesting stories under your belt that everyone will want to sit next to you at the Christmas dinner table.

And before you say it, don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone! We’ve got the plan, we’ll be doing it right alongside you, sharing our ups and downs, and we can all check in on social media (except for social media detox month, you’re on your own, kids…we’ll be on the beach). Just kidding! We’re all in this together.

You’ll find a new theme and challenge in your inbox at the beginning of the month, a learning opportunity through different materials we share with you, and we will share how we implicate this into our lives. And we’re going to start sort of halfway through January, because as we said, we only plan one month in advance and oops, when did it become January? Some might say its cheating, we say tactically winning.

A few of the monthly challenges ahead….

Book Club
Positive Body Image

You can jump on the Whole & Happy Train below and be a part of the New Years REVOLUTION that is… the Whole & Happy Challenge! Use the hashtag #wholeandhappychallenge to find and follow your fellow people. We start this week, keep one eye on your inbox… Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

You can sign up here and join us on social media at @wholeandhappyretreat

Let’s make this year the most colourful, exciting, educational, whole and HAPPY year yet!


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