So Rosie, take us through your average morning routine…

Well actually, I started writing this interview when I was in Asia, and now I’m in Austria, so my morning routine has transformed, but ultimately some things are the same anywhere. Here I am waking up at about 7am, making tea or hot water with apple cider vinegar to wake up my digestion, teaching yoga in the morning for one hour, meditating for 10-20 minutes, then I make myself breakfast. I love some kind of vegetable, eggs and some avocado or olive oil at the moment, but today I had turmeric porridge with nuts and seeds, pretty wild… I’m working at a Mountain Retreat so after breakfast I clean up after myself and the guests, then usually make myself a bulletproof coffee (something new I’m trying, and I definitely don’t know if I’m doing it right, but it does seems to take away that jittery coffee feeling I sometimes get, it’s less abrasive on the stomach and gives a slower release of energy). I drink my coffee and spend some time on my computer, emails, social media etc, then try to get outside for some fresh mountain air.

What’s your beverage of choice?
Right now, bulletproof coffee! Fresh brewed coffee, a little bit of coconut oil and you can add a tiny bit of ghee or grass-fed butter which makes it kind of creamy, whizzed up in a blender, but sometimes I just do coconut oil. Also I love a G&T, or a glass of wine!

The last time you did something for the first time?
I’ve been doing a lot of new things lately, as living in the Austrian Alps is getting me really comfortable with the snow. Sledding down a mountain in the dark, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and so far I’ve been loving it all. It does make me realise how I get very comfortable in my comfort zone (duhh) and then how good I feel when I do something new.

What are your non-negotiables? ie. the things that are absolutely key to your happiness in life.
Fresh air, nature, sunshine, belly laughs, yoga, good food, “Rosie-Time”, writing, connection.

What/who/where is your go-to when you’re in need of some inspiration or uplifting energy?
I call one of my best friends and talk it out. If that’s not possible, I get outside. Usually if I’m feeling low energy and uninspired its because if been coming at something from the same angle for too long, and I need a change in perspective. I also am loving listening to podcasts for inspiration and new ideas – some of my favourites are The School of Greatness, Rock Your Bliss, and From The Heart, but when I need a giggle I go and listen to Hamish & Andy.

Who do you admire and why?
I admire women who have started a business from nothing, with not a lot of knowledge or experience but a lot of passion, and turned their idea into a self-sustaining business that serves a greater purpose. There are so many women like that in my life. And men, actually. I admire when people in general are open and authentic about their journey, that it wasn’t just this magical overnight success, and that everything is not as it appears on Instagram.

Was there a catalyst or turning point that made you decide to follow your heart and build your business?
I wouldn’t say there was one point, more just a series of decisions made based on feeling and intuition, following the things that make me the happiest, and here I am today. I started yoga as a teenager when I went through a period of stress in my life and it really helped me and got me back on track, or rather, took me on an awesome detour. I saw in myself the power of this practice and just had to follow that feeling and learn to share it with others, because I really believe the world needs more people who are doing what they love, whatever that is.. I realise I have options, and that can be both a freeing and a paralysing thing. I could stop living this life and go work in an office, and probably make a better income and a more regular one for sure, and still be doing something of service in this world, but I wouldn’t necessarily be happy suppressing these other parts of myself. The good thing about what we’re creating with Whole & Happy is that we can shape the mould to fit us, rather than us being a slave to something out of our control. This is something that will constantly evolve and shift with us, so we’re just riding the ebb and flow.

What has been the most challenging part?
Getting customers, I guess, spreading the word, because we ourselves are so passionate about what we’re offering, but we have to get others excited about it too, and neither of us have a marketing or business background so it’s been learning everything from scratch. The element of the unknown can be stressful financially, but I guess thats entrepreneurs worldwide. We’ve been lucky to be so supported by the resorts that we work with, people that believe in us and what we are doing and have offered us a lot of kindness when we try something new.

What has been the most rewarding part?
Seeing the transformation in people throughout the process of the retreat. Reading testimonials. Seeing something that was in my head become something out there in the world. The people, always the people!

What are you most grateful for today?
I’m grateful for waking up to heavy snowfall and a white wonderland outside my window. And after so much moving and travelling in the past year, it’s really good to have a place to call home for a while and feel grounded, get into a routine, with the outdoors on my doorstep and a beautiful yoga studio to teach and practice in… Also I’m grateful for the ability to wear woolly jumpers and socks again, after so long in the sticky heat of SE Asia!

What does Whole & Happy mean to you?
For me, to be whole and happy means to never deny myself something that make my soul happy, to live with a sense of purpose in my day, to do good and feel good.

What does balance mean to you?
I believe that this concept of balance comes in many shapes and forms; we each have our own unique balance of things that makes us the happiest. And it’s not only what you eat and how you move your body; it encompasses your thoughts, your relationships, your values, what you put out into the world and what you receive in return. I guess balance for me just means listening to my body and intuition, because deep down I always know what I need, whether its a glass of wine or a yoga class or simply time outside. And there are definitely days that I don’t listen to what I need, for whatever reason, and that’s okay too. It means not overanalysing, overplanning, or overthinking, simply following the feeling, and not attaching negative connotations to any part of my life, whether that be actions, food, people. It means being curious about my own unique balance, the sweet spot in daily life. Understanding that I am different from everyone else, and everyone else is different from everyone else, and I don’t need to apologise for the way I live my life, what I put in my body, how I fill my days, as long as I am happy and therefore putting positivity back into this world. Enjoy what I enjoy, no judgements, no “shoulds”. Balance apparently means a lot to me! Haha, so that’s why we created Balance Retreat.

Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for our followers?

Answers come before questions, healing begins with illness, and you can’t have a dream come true without a time when it hasn’t.

How can people find out more about you and your work?


IG: @rosie_mo

FB: @rosieglownz

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