Ute was a guest on a past Whole & Happy Retreat in Thailand, and has been inspiring us ever since with her words and actions. Ute writes an inspirational blog (see the link below) called “Fräulein Franz”, all about Travel, Soul and Food – the best things in life, in our opinion! Most recently she has launched a “24 Days of Gratitude” program in German for the days leading up to Christmas, including a gratitude journal and daily emails keeping you inspired. There’s only a few days left but if you speak German and feel the need for some love and light in these days leading up to Christmas, you can find out more over here. Otherwise, reading this interview will make you feel all warm and happy, and give you some top tips for go-to inspiration. We love you Ute!

Okay, take us through your average morning routine..

Usually after I wake up, I meditate for 10-20 minutes. Then I either do a couple of sun salutations or I go outside for a power walk. Then I am in need of breakfast: oats, fresh fruit, some nuts and a coffee, and I am good to go.

What’s your hot beverage of choice?

This has to be a flat white. Life is too short to drink bad coffee. If there’s no coffee around, my second choice is fresh ginger tea.

What are your non-negotiables? ie. the things that are absolutely key to your happiness in life.

My absolute keys to a life full of happiness are: enough me-time for moments of self-care, reading books, movement – either walking, some crazy dancing or yoga, meditation, good and healthy food, enough water to hydrate, journaling to get those thoughts on paper, traveling and having people I love around me.

What/who/where is your go-to when you’re in need of some inspiration or uplifting energy?

First thing to get some inspiration is to go for a walk and let my mind and thoughts flow. Or I go to a yoga class. Also loving to watch some Ted Talks on YouTube or I listen to some Podcasts (German and English). My favorite English ones are: “Super Soul Sessions” by Oprah Winfrey, Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness” or the “Tim Ferriss Show” by Tim Ferriss. But my all-time favorite is a video by Prince Ea – if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you to go and watch it here:

Who do you admire and why?

Oh gosh, that’s a hard one because there are so many people I do admire. For instance, I admire you guys and how you have created this retreat business and how you putting so much trust in life. I actually admire everyone who takes on the challenge of life and goes out there and creates.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Thinking of an answer, I just realize that I should open myself to more first-times….but the last time I did something for the first time was two weeks ago when I went to a cafe in my hometown for the first time.

Was there a catalyst or turning point that made you decide to follow your heart and build your business?

When I experienced the soul healing aspects of meditation and yoga myself, I promised that I need to spread the word about this and show this to more people. Everyone should know about these effects.

What has been the most challenging part?

The most challenging part still is to not follow self-doubts and thoughts like this is not good enough, other people do this already. Every day I tell myself that my inspirational voice will be heard by other people and that I can contribute with my views and actions to make our lives less stressful and more mindful.

What has been the most rewarding part?

Oh that is definitely the feedback I get personally or via mail when people tell me that they find joy through my words. That my courage inspires them to do things.

What are you most grateful for today?

I have just called a friend in Australia and we talked for a short while just for a quick update and that lifted my heart up.

What does Whole & Happy mean to you?

Oh so much! First thing, you guys!  If it wasn’t for you, my journey to myself and to yoga would not be where it is today. Whole and Happy also means living a fulfilling life with all the standards that you need for yourself to be happy. If you go back to my non-negotiables you pretty much see what whole and happy means to me in my personal life.

What does balance mean to you?

Wowsy, how should I put this in words. Knowing that where there is light there is also shadow, where there is a down there is an up. I know it sounds philosophical but to me this is the best way to describe balance.

Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for our followers?

I am a huge fan of reading books because I truly believe that books make our lives richer, so maybe a couple of my all time favorite book recommendations:

  • The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Siddharta by Hermann Hesse
  • Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Trip by Cheryl Strayed
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

How can people find out more about you and your work? 

For anyone keen on improving their German skills, head over to my blog:

But also check out my social media:

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